*George K. Sisler

5th Special Forces Group

Medal of Honor



1st Lt. George K. Sisler

7 February 1967

U.S. Army

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

1st Special Forces


Republic of Vietnam

Entered service at: Dexter, Mo.

Born: 19 September 1937, Dexter, Mo.


FIRST LIEUTENANT GEORGE K. SISLER, UNITED STATES ARMY, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group, was the platoon leader/advisor to a special U.S./Vietnamese force. On 7 February 1967, while on patrol deep within enemy territory in Laos, Lieutenant Sislerís platoon was attacked from three sides by a company-sized enemy force. He quickly rallied his men, deploying them to a defensive position, and moved among his men to encourage and direct their efforts. Learning that two men had been wounded and were unable to pull back to the perimeter, Lieutenant Sisler charged from the position through intense enemy fire to assist them. He began carrying one of them back to the perimeter when he was taken under intensive automatic weapon fire. Laying down his wounded comrade, he killed three onrushing soldiers by firing his rifle and then silenced the enemy machine gun with a grenade. As he returned the wounded men to the perimeter, the left flank came under heavy attack by superior enemy forces and several additional men of his platoon were wounded. Realizing the need to prevent his position from being overrun, Lieutenant Sisler picked up some grenades and charged single-handedly into the enemy onslaught, firing and throwing grenades. This heroic action broke up the vicious assault and forced the enemy to begin withdrawing. Despite enemy fire, First Lieutenant Sisler was moving about the battle directing air strikes when he fell mortally wounded. His extraordinary leadership, infinite courage and selfless concern for his men saved the lives of a number of his comrades

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