*Laszlo Rabel

(Ranger)75th Infantry

Medal of Honor



SSG Laszlo Rabel

13 November 1968


Team Delta
75th Infantry (Ranger)  

173rd Brigade  (Airborne)

Near Binh Dinh Province

Republic of Viet Nam

STAFF SERGEANT LASZLO RABEL, UNITED STATES ARMY, 74th Infantry Detachment (Long Range Patrol), 173d Airborne Brigade, distinguished himself while serving with Team Delta near Binh Dinh Province, Republic of Vietnam, on 13 November 1968.  At 1000 hours, Team Delta was in a defensive perimeter conducting reconnaissance of enemy trail networks when a member of the team detected enemy movement to the front.  As Sergeant Rabel and a comrade prepared to clear the area, he heard an incoming grenade landing in the midst of the teamís perimeter.  With complete disregard for his life, he threw himself on the grenade receiving the complete impact of the explosion and averting the loss of life or injury to the other members of Team Delta.   

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