Roger H. C. Donlon

7th Special Forces Group

Medal of Honor



Captain Roger Hugh. C. Donlon

6 July 1964

U.S. Army

Detachment A-726

7th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

1st Special Forces

Near Nam Dong

Republic of Vietnam

Entered service at: Fort Chaffee, Ark.

Born: 30 January 1934, Saugerties, N.Y.


CAPTAIN ROGER H. C. DONLON, UNITED STATES ARMY, Detachment A-726, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, distinguished himself on 6 July 1964, at Nam Dong, Republic of Vietnam. That day the camp was assaulted in a pre-dawn attack by a reinforced Viet Cong battalion. During the violent five-hour battle, resulting in numerous casualties on both sides, Captain Donlon directed the overall defense of the camp. He swiftly marshaled his forces and ordered the removal of needed ammunition from a blazing building hit by the initial assault. He then dashed through small arms and exploding hand grenade fires to a breach of the main gate where he detected and annihilated an enemy three-man demolition team. Exposed to an intense attack and sustaining a severe stomach wound, he succeeded in reaching the 60mm mortar pit. Discovering most of the men in the gun pit were wounded, he remained in the pit and returned fire, allowing his men to withdraw. While rescuing his team sergeant, an enemy mortar round exploded, hitting Captain Donlonís left shoulder. Suffering from multiple wounds, he carried the 60mm mortar to a new location 30 meters away where he found three wounded defenders. After administering first aid and encouragement to these men, he left the weapon with them and then raced toward another location, retrieving a 57mm recoilless rifle. He received a third wound on his leg as he was dragging much needed ammunition from an abandoned gun pit. Despite his critical condition, he crawled 175 meters to an 81mm mortar position and began directing firing operations which protected the eastern sector of the camp. Until daylight brought defeat of the enemy forces, Captain Donlon moved from position to position around the beleaguered perimeter, hurling grenades at the enemy and inspiring his men to superhuman efforts.

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