*Bryan L. Buker

5th Special Forces Group

Medal of Honor



Sergeant Bryan L. Buker


5 April 1970.

U.S. Army

Detachment B-55

5th Special Forces Group

1st Special Forces.

Chau Doc Province

Republic of Vietnam

Entered service at: Bangor, Maine.

Born: 3 November 1949, Benton, Maine.


SERGEANT BRIAN L. BUKER, UNITED STATES ARMY, Detachment B-55, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, distinguished himself on 5 April 1970, while serving as a platoon advisor to a Vietnamese Mobile Strike Force Company during a mission in Chau Doc Province, Republic of Vietnam. Sergeant Buker personally led the platoon, cleared a strategically located, well-guarded pass, and established the first foothold at the top of what had been an impenetrable mountain fortress. When the platoon came under intense fire from two heavily fortified enemy bunkers, and realizing that withdrawal would result in heavy casualties, Sergeant Buker unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own safety, charged through the hail of heavy fire and destroyed the first bunker with hand grenades. While organizing his men for the attack on the second bunker, he fell seriously wounded. Despite his wounds and the deadly enemy fire, he crawled forward and destroyed the second bunker. Sergeant Buker refused medical attention and was reorganizing his men to continue the attack when he was mortally wounded. As a direct result of his heroic actions, many casualties were averted, and the assault of the enemy position was successful.


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